Fight for survival. Fight for survival. Die for survival!

Artem Chebokha — Artstation

Have you ever been fascinated by the squeaky sound ?? The strangest thing about crickets is that, for example, when you are standing in front of 10 trees in a park, you can easily tell which way it is. But with every step you take towards the tree that crickets It is next to its foliage, you get confused and your mind becomes more confused and you lose the center of sound more… When you finally stand right in front of the tree, the sound is completely spread in space and you can never find the exact location of the crickets. How do you evaluate? Is it success or failure? You found that tree out of 10 trees, but the question was never solved, where is Jericho … Is this considered a defeat or a victory?

It is interesting that some goals are always the same .. from a distance they seem comfortable and coherent and for a person out of 10 different ways, they show the right way to reach themselves, but if you approach them, you are constantly confused They become dumber.. so much so that when you reach one step, you realize the fact that you are never going to reach them…

Have you ever thought of the word GOAL?

Goals are always smart .. Goals always stand by our ears and create their own way for us for every event and present it to us…

Imagine a simple example… You are in a line to buy something… You are behind a person who is talking on his cell phone… After talking for a few seconds, that person walks in front of you and leaves the store. After a few minutes, your turn comes and you are ready to pay and request for the goods that the person appears in front of you again and apologize for leaving the line and ask permission to stand in front of you… What is your choice? Think and review the answers. Dealing with the person? Silence as a sign of approval? Protest to the store manager ?? Or are there better solutions?

These are the goals of “buying sooner and preventing anything that would jeopardize it”, “the goal of consolidating power between people”, “the goal of proving a positive personality for oneself and others” and so on.

Yes, the goals are smart and for a simple problem in less than a second, various suggestions will be sent to you!

The goal is the most valuable element in any current of thought, but the easiest hard goal can be chosen to fight for survival. Of course, this is what your mind is responsible for.

The goal is if the ball is under one of the four cups in front of you, which cup do you choose? The cup that you have been following all the time with the movements of a rival hand and you are sure that the ball is inside it? Or a cup that seems to be bad because of its quality and somehow saw a halo of the ball inside? Which way do you trust?

For one victory you have only one choice… Which cup?

If we fight for a great goal, we always win… Great goals do not have something called failure in themselves… Because there is no easier choice… You certainly do not think to choose between striving for life and death. You have to fight for survival because not fighting alone is a defeat, and no acceptance of death can ever make sense to give up fighting for life. Is this possible for you?

Imagine for a second you were transposed into this situation.

In the middle of the ocean, you are sitting in a boat without a paddle and it is added to the water inside the boat at any moment. The boat is broken and sinking and you have to leave the boat to survive.

Now with a blink of an eye, you are running on a road. Behind you, idiots are chasing you who look angry and are determined to take your life.
I mean, this is exactly the situation that you just have to run before thinking :))

With another blink of an eye, you are now inside a dark coffin and the roof of the coffin is breaking and entering the dirt.

Imagine the situation … In all these worst cases, can the struggle for survival be ignored?

Can we be sure that we will drown and that pieces of wood from our boat will not reach the shore? A car never crosses the road to help? Or if the coffin breaks, the height of the soil is not less than 10 cm and can not reach the ground? Is it possible not to set a goal? Is it possible not to try?

Destroying the goal will be the biggest defeat …

In some countries, people in different areas who knew they would never find crickets had a strange solution to escape! They sprayed some oil on the tree to make the smell of crickets run away. even at the cost of drying the branch. sometimes the tree branch would dry out and cut it. but the interesting thing was this and they Little by little, realized that the crickets do not escape because of the smell of oil… It escapes because it detects the drying of the tree earlier than all other creatures.

This means that they did not remove the crickets from the tree without knowing it, but took the tree from the crickets. It is not easy to choose one of the critical situations mentioned above.

Artem Chebokha — Artstation

It is not easy to continue.
Survival is not easy.
Fighting for the goal is not easy.
We have to know correctly.
we have to try.
we have to fight.
we have to reach the goal.

Fight for survival...
Fight for survival...
Die for survival…

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